Yamaha YXZ1000 R Demo | Silver Lake, Michigan


Yamaha YXZ1000 R Demo | Silver Lake, Michigan

On Monday, Dan and myself “Alec Wisecup” were given the opportunity to take advantage of the Yamaha Dealer Demo day on the all new Yamaha YXZ1000 R at Silver Lake sand dunes. If you like fun, if you like adrenaline, and if you like to control what your machine does then the all new YXZ1000 R from Yamaha is the perfect machine for you! I have attended Silver Lake every year for the past 18 years. I have ridden in $100,000 + sand rails, lifted trucks, ridden atv’s, dirt bikes, and other side by sides, but the all new YXZ is in a category of its own.


This machine will do what you want, when you want, how you want it to. The harder you drive it the better it performs. It soaks up uneven terrain and bumps like you are riding a pillow. The power that is unleashed at 7,000-10,500 RPMs will plant you in your seat and put a smile on your face from ear to ear! This machine is hands down the best quality, best power, and smoothest machine out of the box that I have ridden.

Yamaha-YXZ1000-R-DemoThe experience that Yamaha gave was greatly appreciated. Now myself, Dan and several other dealers have the ability to pass on a personal experience to the customer of the YXZ and its capabilities. We also were informed of the reason for some issues with this machine. Many people talk of clutch issues in the YXZ. The main causes for this issue results from the driver placing their left foot on the clutch pedal and resting it while they are riding. The other issue is the rider resting their hand on the shifter while riding. Both of these actions result in slight pressure on the transmission and clutch, which in turn results in clutch issues. I found myself subconsciously putting pressure on the clutch pedal and/or the gear shirt. I learned to keep my hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel and keep my left foot planted on the left side floorboard unless I was shifting.Yamaha-YXZ1000-R-Demo

The result of this training was absolutely amazing. We learned great information from Yamaha mechanics who know this machine inside and out. We rode the machine in a couple different elements and terrains. We also had the ability to experience the machine one on one, driving and riding in it giving us the ability to share the passionate experience with all of our customers. Hands down best training experience I have ever been to. Thank you Yamaha for the opportunity and we look forward to sharing our real world experience with everyone who comes into Fox Powersports!

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